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Mệnh Đề Trạng Từ Chỉ Thời Gian
Cập nhật lúc: 04/08/2022
Mệnh đề trạng từ chỉ thời gian là 1 chuyên đề ngữ pháp Tiếng Anh, thường có trong các đề thi TN THPT.


I. Lý Thuyết:

1. Khái niệm:  

Mệnh đề trạng từ chỉ thời gian (adverbial clauses of time) là mệnh đề được bắt đầu bằng một trong các liên từ chỉ thời gian như: when (khi, vào lúc), while, as (trong khi), until, till (cho đến khi), as soon as, once (ngay khi), before, by the time (trước khi), after (sau khi),  as long as, so long as (chừng nào mà), since (từ khi) ...

Ví dụ: 
          - When we were in New York, we saw several plays.
          - I’ll phone you as soon as I get back from work.
          - We stayed there until it stopped raining.

* Lưu ý: Mệnh đề trạng từ chỉ thời gian có thể đứng đầu hoặc cuối câu. Nếu mệnh đề trạng từ chỉ thời gian đứng ở đầu câu sẽ ngăn cách với mệnh đề chính bằng dấu phẩy.

2. Cách chia động từ trong các mệnh đề chính và mệnh đề trạng từ chỉ thời gian:


Mệnh đề chính

Liên từ

Mệnh đề trạng từ

Ví dụ



until / when / as soon as


- I will wait here until she comes back.

- Birds fly to the west when the weather is nice.



after/ when

HTHT (đã xong)

- He will go home after he has finished his work.



while / when / as


- While I was going to school, I met my friend.
- It started to rain while the boys were playing football.





- Last night, I was doing my homework while my sister was playing games.





- I have worked here since I graduated.


QKHT (đã xong)

by the time/ before/when


- He had left by the time I came.





- I went to bed after I had finished my homework.



by / by the time


- He will have left by the time you arrive.




II. Bài tập:

 Câu 1. When I was walking down the street, I ______ her.

      A. see                        B. have seen           C. saw                     D. was seeing

 Câu 2. I will call you as soon as I ________ over.

      A. will come              B. came                   C. have come          D. will be coming

 Câu 3. By the time I return to my country, I _____ away from home for more than three years.

      A. will be                   B. am                      C. will have been     D. would be

 Câu 4. When I _________ him tomorrow, I will ask him.

      A. see                        B. saw                    C. will see               D. have seen

 Câu 5. We will let you know as soon as we _______ our decision.

      A. have made            B. made                  C. will make            D. are going to make

 Câu 6. I have learned English since I ______ six years old.

      A. had been               B. am                      C. was                     D. have been

 Câu 7. Mark was listening to music while his sister ________ a book.

      A. read                      B. reads                  C. was reading        D. is reading

 Câu 8. I am going to start making dinner before my wife ______ home from work today.

      A. gets                       B. got                      C. get                      D. will get

 Câu 9. As soon as you ______ your homework, we will go out for a game.

      A. are doing               B. do                       C. have done           D. did

 Câu 10. ________ as soon as it becomes sunny.

      A. We will go to the beach                        B. We have gone to the beach

      C. We went  to the beach                          D. We go to the beach

 Câu 11. Don't go anywhere until I ________ back.

      A. am coming            B. come                  C. will come            D. came

 Câu 12. When he ______, I was watching a football match on TV.

      A. has come               B. came                   C. come                   D. comes

 Câu 13. By the time I got to the cinema, the film ________ .

      A. started                  B. had started         C. start                    D. starts

 Câu 14. As soon as the taxi _________, we will be able to leave for the airport.

      A. will arrive             B. arrive                 C. arrived                D. has arrived

 Câu 15. After she has graduated, she ________ a job.

      A. got                        B. will get               C. had got               D. get

 Câu 16. I will stay with you until your mother ______ home.

      A. came                     B. comes                 C. had come            D. is coming

 Câu 17. When she ______ , she will tell us the truth.

      A. arrives                  B. is arriving           C. arrived                D. arrive

 Câu 18. I learned a lot of Japanese while I ________ in Tokyo.

      A. was                       B. had been             C. have been           D. am

 Câu 19. She will attend class ________, which is a right decision.

      A. after she finished her homework assignment

      B. as soon as she had finished her homework assignment

      C. when she will finish her homework assignment

      D. as soon as she has finished her homework assignment

 Câu 20. As soon as it _________ raining, we will leave for work.

      A. had stopped          B. stop                    C. has stopped        D. stopped

 Câu 21. I _________ to meet you since I read your first novel.

      A. have hoped           B. hope                   C. will hope            D. hoped

 Câu 22. By the time he comes, we __________.

      A. leaving                  B. leaves                 C. will have left       D. leave

 Câu 23. After he had got the money, he ______ home immediately.

      A. left                        B. leave                   C. leaves                 D. had left

 Câu 24. Whenever we ________ in Hanoi, we'll come to see you.

      A. will be                   B. are                      C. were                    D. will have been

 Câu 25. I have not been well since I ________ home.

      A. have returned        B. had returned       C. returned              D. return

 Câu 26. We will go with him as soon as we ______ the task.

      A. finishes                 B. had finished       C. finished               D. have finished

 Câu 27. I was reading book while my sister ______ her homework.

      A. do                         B. does                   C. did                      D. was doing

 Câu 28. Mary was dancing while John ______ .

      A. sang                      B. sings                   C. is sing                 D. was singing

 Câu 29. As soon as the other passengers ______ on the bus, we'll leave.

      A. gets                       B. are getting          C. got                      D. have got

Câu 30. Before she came to England, she ________ English.

      A. has studied           B. had studied        C. studies                D. will study

 Câu 31. By the time he arrived, ________.

      A. the other student already left.              B. the other student have already left

      C. the other student already leave            D. the other student  had already left

 Câu 32. By the time you ______ reading this book, your meal will have got cold.

      A. had finished          B. have finished      C. finished               D. finish

 Câu 33. After he ________, he joined the army.

      A. was graduating     B. graduated           C. graduates            D. had graduated

 Câu 34. She ________ lunch by the time we arrived.

      A. has finished          B. finishing             C. had finished        D. finished

 Câu 35. As soon as he ______, we will have a meeting.

      A. is arriving             B. has arrived         C. arrives                D. arrived

 Câu 36. When Bill got home, his children ________ in the yard.

      A. are playing            B. were playing      C. play                    D. will play

 Câu 37. As soon as he _______ dinner, he _______ the children for a work to a nearby playground.

      A. has made / will take                             B. will make / will be taking

      C. makes / took                                        D. made / takes

 Câu 38. When we saw them last night, they ______ .

      A. sing                       B. was singing        C. sang                    D. were singing

 Câu 39. As soon as I _______ my report, we ________ out for dinner.

      A. am finishing / will go                           B. finished / go       

      C. finished / have gone                             D. have finished / will go

 Câu 40. After he _______ breakfast, he will get ready to go to work.

      A. has finished                 B. will have finished                              
      C. will be having             D. have

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